The Meet-Cute: A Tale of Terror and Shame

Sometimes when life wants to laugh at you, you don’t get a choice in the matter.

I was in the airport in Barcelona the other day and was standing in the queue to board. I got on the plane, put my bag up, and waited for the people in my row to show up. A nice man who was probably in his fifties pointed to the window seat and I stood up to let him in. Him and his very, very attractive son.

I should probably tell you now (before I give you enough evidence to the contrary for you to think I’m making this up) that I am usually really calm around attractive guys. They don’t phase me. I’m a huge flirt, I joke around with everybody, I’m very comfortable around guys. But this guy was different. Something about him triggered my inner klutz and she came out in full force.

First, I didn’t have change for the snack cart on the plane – I had a twenty, but the guy wanted me to have a coin to make change easier. At this point, however, he’d given me my tea which I had set down on my broken, slanted tray table making my purse completely unreachable. Cute guy pulls out his wallet and hands over 20p. He then noticed my tray table and offered to let me use his to add my milk.

Oh, the milk. It came in little foil packages like ketchup or mustard that made it very, very easy to accidentally squeeze so hard it shot out and spilled all over the poor guy.

After cleaning up the milk, I looked at my sandwich and laughed. “Let’s see how I can screw this up.”

Do not tempt fate, ladies and gentlemen. Just don’t. Because as soon as you do, fate swoops in and says, “You rang? I have an idea!” and then you spill the contents of your sandwich on your lap.

Cute Guy was (gently) laughing, teasing me about spilling everything, about the seventy thousand sugars I put in my tea, about my nervous habit of instantly buckling myself in when I sit down, about being a bookworm…basically everything.

I tried to joke back, and I succeeded every now and then, but mostly it was me sitting in the seat desperately aware I’d made a fool of myself and just loving the sound of this guy’s voice and the way his hands work. Oh, but I’m a sucker for good hands on a guy. I was working up the courage to say, “Hey, you work in Edinburgh? We should grab a drink sometime.” But the time came to disembark and the words never came.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to star in a rom com, let me tell you. It feels like your pulse racing in your throat and your whole body gets the jitters and all you can think about are things you can say to make him look at you and smile…even if it’s just because he’s laughing at you.


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